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Pinball PoP Culture

Pinball transcends time like a great movie or song.

Culture is our way of life and pinball has captured that throughout history. From the past to the present, pinball provides us a looking glass through time. During the forties we saw the war effort of WWII featuring positive propaganda against our adversaries.

In the fifties life was simpler and pinball was in its hey day. The games that came out had vacation themes, luxurious cars, homes and travel destinations.

The final frontier pinball 1960's style gave us space exploration and pinball was there with games like Moon Shot, Apollo and Space Mission. We were also introduced to the hippie era; brought to life through pinball with games like Creshendo, Swinger, Jive Time and 4 Square. The paisley colors and artwork that was used glamorized the fashion of being cool San Francisco style.

Music and the glory days of Hollywood celebrities have also been portrayed through pinball with many different musicians, actors and actresses with a variety of artists making their appearances on several different pinball machines.

Bally games from the 70's introduced us to Kiss, Dolly Parton and the Rolling Stones among a creshendo of many other fun and interesting games to play.

Sports was a very popular theme and was sure to include our national pastime in a variety of many different versions of the greatest teams from their generation. There were also a lot of other games that characterized the times that we were living in with games like boxing, bowling or horse racing.

The games that are produced these days are all licenced themes. Although there is not really any competition amongst pinball manufactures, the concepts are to be sure to make games that the general public will already be familiarized with such as The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

Pinball will always be around us as it reflects our way of life and the times that we have lived in giving it the everlasting ability to be a part of our heritage.

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Pinball PoP Culture

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